Azka German Shepherds is a small kennel located about an hour north of Toronto, Ontario. We shall be training and showing our dogs and breeding occasionally. Please visit our website and  contact us for further information.
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Members of:
the CKC and GSDCC Inc.
We have had some great mentors throughout our search of learning more and acquiring our foundation animals for this venture. Although we have had help from many different people, we would like to give special thanks to Sherry Greenbury (Shereldean Shepherds) and Wendy Haddrall (Hellwigg Shepherds), for all their support and guidance in learning and gaining a considerable amount of knowledge. Their help has been invaluable.

We have opened this website so that those interested can follow how our kids evolve and grow with different activities.

It has been a very long and taxing year finding the pedigrees we wanted, then choosing and acquiring our
beginning of Azka Shepherds. We believe we are off to a great start with our new up and comers.

Our male, Niko, coming from Edale German Shepherds in Alberta.

Our female, Rhea, coming from Hellwigg German Shepherds in Ontario.

These are not kennel dogs and we expect to keep all as family/house dogs throughout our years.

Please feel free to keep up with the progress and accomplishments of our 'kids' as they develop and grow.

Welcome to AZKA German Shepherds

We are a small kennel located about an hour north of Toronto, Ontario.

Our name “Azka“

In the past, both Rob and I loved German Shepherds.  My first German Shepherd was Tazz, who I
got from Shereldean GSD’s. He was my heart dog, and my childrens best friend. He was
the reason I contacted Sherry Greenbury for Rob and I to start our new adventure.

When Rob and I met, he had a German Shepherd named Kane, who reminded me of Tazz.
Tazz passed to the rainbow bridge in 2005 with Kane passing to the bridge in 2009.

The name Azka (TAZZ and KANE) is a tribute to the two dogs that won over our hearts and made us love German Shepherds so much.

We have owned German Shepherds throughout our lives, but have now decided to grow out our love of GSDs and join the breeding/showing/working communities so we can experience and learn about all the things one can do with these amazing animals.